At Craig Y Nos Castle we have many things that are ghostly, ghouloish and Haunted. From Halloween events to Ghost Spectaculars and from Ghost Tours to Fright Nights- we have them all!

There is also the famous ghost on the stairs which was taken by another investigator which sends shivers down your spine. The ghosts in this location are in abundance.
For more information on this story see Shadow Ghost Captured on Castle Stairs
Full of ghosts, some more famous than others like madame Patti, the opera singer, who sang for Queen Victoria. Her voice can still be heard when things are quiet. She died in her beloved Craig Y Nos Castle and by all accounts has not left yet.

Royalty in abundance have visited the castle and we are so pleased to be able to share this with you. Here you can share in the overwhelming history of the places as well as learn all about its ghosts and its not so pleasant past.

There are so many rooms where countless children stayed. This was when the castle was a sanitorium for over 40 years and many of its patients suffered from TB and tragically died in the wards.
For an interesting read by BBC Wales regarding The Children of Craig Y Nos see Children of Craig Y Nos

We work with various Ghost Tour companies who arrange Tours for their customers, however the Castle works with as an in house team, offering Ghost Tours, Accommodation and Evening Meals at £99.00 per person

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